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MEDI-FUTURE is the Global Healthcare Technology Company
Focusing on Women’s Healthcare

“We aim to build a world where all women across
the globe improve their quality of life and lead happy lives”

MEDI-FUTURE is the only domestic women’s healthcare company that strives to create the health and beauty
of women around the world, also a global company leading the domestic and overseas medical equipment
market with its excellent imaging technology and differentiated marketing strategy. It is growing rapidly,
entering domestic major university hospitals with Asian, Middle Eastern, European and African markets.

Soul is the most reliable Digital Mammography which is designed to achieve the highest accuracy of diagnostic
of women’s breast cancer through the science of sure, and lots of various screening and clinical experience by
supreme hospitals. It save women’s life in the world through the higher image resolution, solid durability,
customized system, convenient design and the higher reliability.


To make remarkable contributions to Women
around the world by providing the best solutions

  • 1505, Startower, 37, Sagimakgol-ro 62 beon-gil, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 13211

    TEL : +82-31-8018-5140

    FAX : +82-31-8018-5141

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