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Catch even the Smallest Lesion with LeadStereo

The LeadStereo is Stereotactic Needle Guidance Device guided by our digital mammography, BRESTIGE. It can detect micro-calcifications and minute lesions not visible with ultrasound, eliminating the need for surgery. A stereotactic biopsy is less invasive, more convenient and simpler procedure for assessing a breast abnormality than open surgical biopsy. The biopsy add-on has a micro-processor controlled, motor-driven needle guide in three orthogonal planes and can be used in conjunction with BRESTIGE to provide automatic, precise stereo tactical location of a biopsy needle in any region of interest that is perceptible on a BRESTIGE.

Accurate Targeting

Regardless of breast thickness and location with the LeadStereo system, you can perform stereotactic procedures safely and quickly while providing accurate targeting regardless of breast thickness or breast lesion location. To accurately reach the lesion, one Scout View image (at 0°) and two Stereo View images (at ±15° from center) are taken in angulation mode, after which the target lesion is selected and its x, y, z coordinates are calculated.

  • • Stage Movement : Motorized
  • • Stereotactic Angle : ±15°
  • • Available to all breast thickness

Easy and Effective Procedure


#Easy to install and use

#Comfortable positioning

#Available to upright and decubitus position

  • Preparation

  • Needle Guidance
    Installation and Set up

  • C-ARM Positioning

  • Mode Switch
    from Rotation to Angulation

  • Patient Positioning

  • Patient Positioned
    In Decubitus or Upright Position

  • Image Acquisition

  • Multiple Angle Exposures
    0°, -15°, +15°

  • Performing the Puncture

  • Exact Needle Positioning
    For Lesion Puncture

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