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The AuroraⓇ 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System Designed for Breast Imaging

MRI is a sophisticated technology that stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. By using a computer, a magnetic field and radio waves (instead of x-rays), the MRI produces detailed images of the soft tissues in the body from any angle and with great clarity. It is a vital diagnostic tool in breast health when used in conjunction with mammography and ultrasound. The increased level of detail that MRI offers helps in making more informed diagnoses.

Breast MRI provides 3D pictures of both breasts, the chest wall and the lymph nodes located under each arm. These high-resolution bilateral images have allowed specialists to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses. In addition, breast MRI does not require compression of the breast. The Aurora Breast MRI system is the only commercially available, FDA cleared, MRI system designed specially for 3D bilateral breast imaging.

The FDA-Cleared truly dedicated and truly integrated MRI system Designed for 3D bilateral breast imaging

• Images far superior in clarity and contrast than ever before possible

  • - 3D image acquisition matrix 360 x 360 x 128
  • - 3D image reconstruction matrix 512 x 512 x 160 slices
  • - Less than 3 minutes per scan
  • - Post – contrast time points obtained at 90-second, 4.5-minute, 7.5-minute and 10.5-minutes intervals

• Fully integrated, user-friendly MRI-guided interventional system

  • - Fast, accurate targeting and sampling coordinated with the integrated scan console and image acquisition software
  • - Proprietary breast stabilization paddles provide wide access and ability to sample both large and small breasts.

• Aurora CAD™ - the new standard in breast MRI software

  • - The only breast MRI software suitably designed for each step in the imaging process from acquisition through CAD
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